LaTisha Grant

KeMesha Hall

1st Vice President

Stephanie Milburn 

2nd Vice President

Linda Parker


LaTonya Lotts 

Asst. Treasurer

D'Andrea Sweatt 

D'Adreinne Sweatt
Asst. Secretary

Shauntalay Randle 


Shelly Smith


our Board of governors

our mission

  • To evaluate the standards of real estate professionals by encouraging leadership, education and the exchange of     information through group learning techniques
  • To provide the opportunity for individuals to expand their knowledge of real estate in all areas of the business.
  • To engage in community involvement by educating minority and low income neighborhoods about homeownership, credit stability and financial literacy.

our 2019 executive Committee

Myra Edwards

Melinda Dightman

Shirley Penn

Andrea Cooksey

C. Renee Wilson

Nola Lusk

LaTasha McQueen

Chandra Ware

Creacia Williams